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  VPS move March 23 2012  4:26 AM EST

Notice anything different? Well, hopefully you don't ;) The company I buy VPS time (terminology?) from, FanaticalVPS Afterburst had their second birthday recently. To celebrate, they're offering a 30% for life discount until the end of the month. Being the savvy shopper I am, I went ahead and jumped on the offer ;)

So, currently there is hughes and frost . For a while both were pretty broken due to me updating the non-qualified domain to be frost instead of hughes. Right now, though, both should be pretty equivalent. I don't yet have all the git repositories copied over, so the code page is broken on frost.

So, besides not yet copying everything over, what are the other changes? Well, the VPS model is exactly the same, but it is on a different node. Still in Germany, however. Something that has changed is that I switch from Apache to lighttpd . Why? Well, I wanted to explore with FastCGI and decided to explore with servers too. So far lighttpd is living up to it's reputation of being lighter. As for speed, well, my website is not dependant on the server speed very much at this point. Being that I get one whole visitor (me) on the average week, I think either will do just fine :)

As always, there is a lot more I want to write. For now though, I'm stopping because I just saw a huge spider and freaked shit a little XD Also, it is like 2 in the morning and I should be sleeping.


My name is Jeff Chapman; You can reach me at: jac@JAChapmanII.net