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  A long time coming June  3 2012  7:05 PM EST

So, as always it's been forever since I've made an update. There are several new bots (as always) and some other projects. It looks like the code page is still broken, at least on the front. Once you click on a repository, it's there, I promise ;) Latest project over there is cgis a simple CGI-like appserver I'm developing to make my life easier as I'm experimenting more with building an actual game in the browser. I've got a few pieces of webapps laying around my projects folder.

Yesterday I discovered the new Command and Conquer game Tiberium Alliances . It's been pretty fun so far. This is my first time playing a for-free game, and it's interesting. The benefits from paying real money are restricted by time nicely to not tip the advantage too much.

I've been working on a new version of the site, in C this time instead of D. You can see a small demo of it at jachapmanii.dyndns.org . There used to be a simple C/JS chat client running there, and there might be when you look at it. It didn't really go anywhere :) It was more of a fun proof of concept than anything. It's what started this whole CGI-ish webapp kick.

I'll end with the usual, "I'll be back later to add more to this" without ever really doing it.


My name is Jeff Chapman; You can reach me at: jac@JAChapmanII.net