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About? About what? Well, me, I guess. My name is Jeff Chapman. I'm a second, if that matters at all to you. That means there really should be a "II" after my last name. You know, all that jazz. I am a mathematician and computer scientist. To further that, I am currently enrolled in the University of Akron. I'm going for a BS in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics.

What do I do?

Please note that this section is horribly out of date, and I currently have neither of these jobs. I suppose this is sort of an employment history, really. I'll get around to updating it some day.

Please note that even the above is out of date. I am working the first job again.

It seems to me, not very much.

Job 1: The University of Akron

Here, I do various things. I like to call myself a researcher, as that is currently one of the primary things I do there. I'm currently researching digital wound assessment, image processing algorithms, stuff like that.

I also help take care of the site, and when school is in session I am the Introduction to Computer Science and Data Structures and Algorithms I tutor. Though, those courses have just been renamed, that's what I call them. The tutoring part isn't so bad, and I enjoy it.

Job 2: The University of Akron Research Foundation

Think this job involves more research? Think again. This job I don't do any research. In fact, I don't even really learn that much. But, it's work. It's not the worst work, either. At one point, about three or four years ago, I did this same type of stuff for fun. I could tell you what it is, but I'm under a non-disclosure agreement. No, it's not coding the next Facebook that energizes with a web 3.0 twitter ;)

What do I do that isn't technically work?

What do I do in my free time? I program. I read books. I read papers. Boy am I glad to have been introduced to the wonderful world of academic papers. I'm certain I've got at least twenty unread on my hard drive.

I'm "into" math. I often spend hours working on a math problem I found or made up myself. A lot of times I'm incapable of solving them myself. That's when I put it on the back burner until I can. I like Ramsey theory, I'm very interested in graph theory, statistics, fractional calculus, ... There are too many things to list :) This just gave me the idea to get latex rendering on here and start making updates about math.

I love computer science. I know a lot about compression, and have implemented some of my own ideas as tests (pretty much entirely a flop). I do a fair bit with particle simulations. I've implemented the Barnes-Hut algorithm, and have been reading as much as I can about the fast multi-pole method whenever I can. I get interrupted a lot, but I'll always come back to it, you can be sure of that :)


Note: this is long and really boring, to most people. So, unless you're like me and like knowing things about people, just skip over this column.

I'm also a student at UA. Now, I graduated highschool in 2010, so I'm going into my 3rd semester since graduating that. However, I've actually going into my 4th year of classes (6th semester). Since I'm only a Sophomore, you can say I'm either pretty far ahead compared to when I graduated highschool, or pretty far behind for how long I've been going. The first 2 years (3 of those semesters) was post-secondary in math. I think after the fall semester (2011), I may be a Junior.

This part of what I do at UA, I'm fairly good at. Starting out when I was a Junior in highschool, I started taking post-secondary calculus. I really should have skipped Calc I, but I took that the first semester. Then I took Calc II and III the other two post-secondary semesters.

In the Fall semester 2010 is when I started full time (first semester after graduating highschool). I started off with a schedule with no Computer Science courses in it. I was told I was "kind of behind" due to the fact that I took so long to register. I was advised to try to get into ICS (intro. to CS) if a professor would let me. I managed to do that, so going into it, I was going to take

  • 3300:112 English Composition II
    (I skipped I, due to ACT/AP)
  • 3750:100 Introduction to Psychology
  • 3460:209 Introduction to Computer Science
  • 3450:208 Introduction to Discrete Mathematics

That filled up the 12-16 hours I could take without costing more money (I was/am still going entirely on government aid and scholarships). First day of ICS, I realized I made a huge mistake. I already knew all of the material. I talked to my professor, who directed me to the head of the CS department, Dr. Chan. I was able to meet with him, and he placed me in Data Structures and Algorithms II (skipping ICS, and DSAI). That opened enough time for me to also squeeze in Effective Oral communication. My revised schedule then for my first semester was:

  • 3300:112 English Composition II
  • 3750:100 Introduction to Psychology
  • 7600:106 Effective Oral Communication
  • 3460:316 Data Structures and Algorithms II
  • 3450:208 Introduction to Discrete Mathematics

That semester went alright, I really didn't apply myself, but I managed to get a 4.0 in DSAII, and bring my GPA up to a 3.0 (I really didn't apply myself in HS). Next semester my schedule looked like:

  • 3450:307 Fundamentals of Advanced Mathematics
  • 3450:335 Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations
  • 3460:316 Internet Systems Programming
  • 3460:408 Windows Programming
  • 3250:100 Introduction to Economics

This semester, I did really bad in Economics (went to maybe 7 classes). I didn't do most of the homework in FOAM, so I got a C there. I did pretty well in the other classes though XD. I found another Freshman who was in my math classes, so I'm not wholly unique in my math ability, in fact, I'm not that special at all, really.

This is the semester I was hired as a tutor, and the semester I became a Choose Ohio First Scholar, in Bioinformatics. That was a bunch of fun :D I got to present a poster at the Conference of Undergraduate and Graduate Student Research, and got best presentation of the section (there were three sections in all). Because of the COF thing, I also got to go a few masters dissertation defenses that were very interesting.

Coming up will be the Fall 2011 semester. Here's what my schedule looks like now:

  • 3450:415 Combinatorics and Graph Theory
  • 3450:427 Applied Numerical Methods I
  • 3460:426 Operating Systems
  • 3460:428 Unix Systems Programming
  • 3470:461 Applied Statistics

So, compared to everybody else I know who graduated HS at the same time I did, I'm pretty far in both of my majors (Computer Science and Applied Mathematics). I guess I can be considered good at what I do, but there are surely people much smarter than I am out there.


As I've said, I get fairly poor grades. Here they are:

2008 Fall
3450:221 Analytic Geometry-Calculus I 4.00 B+ 3.300
3.300 3.300
2009 Spring
3450:222 Analytic Geometry-Calculus II 4.00 C- 1.700
1.700 2.500
2009 Fall
3450:223 Analytic Geometry-Calculus III 4.00 C+ 2.300
2.300 2.433
2010 Fall
3300:112 English Composition II 3.00 A 4.000
3450:208 Introduction to Discrete Math 4.00 A 4.000
3460:316 Data Structures and Algorithms II 3.00 A 4.000
3750:100 Introduction to Psychology 3.00 B 3.000
7600:106 Effective Oral Communication 3.00 B- 2.700
3.569 3.082
2011 Spring
3250:100 Introduction to Economics 3.00 C 2.000
3450:307 Fundamentals of Advanced Mathematics 3.00 C 2.000
3450:335 Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations 3.00 B+ 3.300
3460:307 Internet Systems Programming 3.00 B+ 3.300
3460:408 Windows Programming 3.00 A 4.000
2.920 3.026
2011 Fall
3450:415 Combinatorics and Graph Theory 3.00 B+ 3.300
3450:427 Applied Numerical Methods I 3.00 F 0.00?
3460:426 Operating Systems 3.00 F 0.00?
3460:428 Unix Systems Programming 3.00 A 4.000
3470:461 Applied Statistics 4.00 F 0.00?
1.369 2.576
2012 Fall
3450:413 Theory of Numbers 3.00 A 4.000
3460:435 Algorithms 3.00 A 4.000
3460:489 Special Topics in CS: Cloud Computing 3.00 A 4.000
4450:320 Computer Systems 3.00 A 4.000
4.000 2.817
2013 Spring
3460:489 Special Topics in CS: Cloud Computing II 3.00 A 4.000
3470:461 Applied Statistics 4.00 C+ 2.300
4450:325 Operating Systems Concepts 3.00 A 4.000
4450:498 Special Topics Computer Engineering: Networked Embedded Systems 3.00 A 4.000
5550:211 First Aid and CPR 2.00 B- 2.700
3.373 3.056
2013 Fall
3400:210 Humanities in Western Tradition I 4.00 ? ?.???
3450:312 Linear Algebra 3.00 ? ?.???
3460:421 Object-Oriented Programming 3.00 ? ?.???
3502:210 Chinese Culture Through Film 2.00 ? ?.???
?.??? ?.???

Note: That probably looks like crap. I'll fix it later

My name is Jeff Chapman; You can reach me at: jac@JAChapmanII.net